Several major improvements have been made to the world builder in the last few week.
The most important one is the new interpolation scheme which allows for continuous slabs and faults (see attached pictures). But there is also a new benchmark which continuously checks for every pull request how fast they are run compared to current master branch (Thanks to !). Furthermore, some initial work has been done on expanding the MPI capabilities of the world builder.

The changelog has been changed to a markdown file called in the main directory. Take a look at it here:! The file was a bit hidden in the doc directory and cumbersome to read and edit. The new format is based on, with the addition of some extra information for each item. Looking a the changes between versions and adding changes to the changelog should be a lot easier now!

The world builder website (geodynamicworldbuilder.github.) has been updated to include the post of this Mastodon account! This will make it easier to post updates and allow the website to stay up to date with the development 🎉


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